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About Willy

Willy Fuentes is a music teacher, producer, director, and instrumental performer. He is adept at brass, guitar, and keyboard. He developed a passion for music at a young age and enrolled in the modern school of music, Santiago, Chile. The passion continued on into college life and he enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in the Conservatory of Music, Viña del Mar, Chile in 1985. He specialized in music theory, harmony, singing, and classic guitar.


Having developed an interest in music in his youth, Willy Fuentes was determined to make music an integral part of his adult life as well. Teaching music seemed to be the natural solution, as it allowed him to both further develop his skill set while extending what he had learned to the next generation. He found success within the role and served as the tenor in the local choir of teachers, as well as in the Choral Society of Teachers of Chile.


As a part of the Choir, he performed in the various regional as well as national festivals. He also continued to attain further training to perfect his skills and was an active participant in the many workshops organized by the Choral Society of Teachers of Chile. Through his hard work, he was eventually promoted and took on the role of director of choirs.


The number of bands Willy Fuentes has been a part of speak volumes of his success. These include renowned names such as “Grupo Panorama”, “Pundrapunoto”, “Grupo Bahía” and “Grupo Pujillay” among many others. He also participated in a number of local and regional festivals, displaying his skills at their finest. Most noticeably, he was the director, composer, and musical arranger at the First National Youth Festival, held in Quinta Vergara, Viña del Mara, Chile, in 1991.


His success is not just limited to Chile. He was able to extend his guitar strings beyond and was a part of the “Sin Licencia” and “BCB (Blue Collar Band)” in New York. He, together with his daughter Carolina, also started Mr. No-Shame, a Latin rock project that produced an album and performed on various stages in New York.


He has worked as the producer for various artists, including Argentine singer-songwriter Claude Imaz for her album “oceans”. He made the various musical arrangements within the album and was later in charge of the musical presentation of the album at Guild hall Theater, East Hampton, New York. Other noteworthy projects include “Te Exaltamos” by the Dominican composer Gedeon Vargas, and the album “Guided by Holy Spirit” by the Dominican singer Daniel Coplin. He was the arranger and producer for both the projects.


Despite his success, teaching has always been close to his heart, and he has continuously carried out various teaching activities for youth in various Chilean public and private schools. He has also taught internationally and served as the director of the choir for the Hispanic Catholic Church, Southampton, New York.


He now works as the music director at Hampton Church, Wainscot, New York, and is part of the “Conga Cartel” band in East Hampton, New York. He continues to pursue his passion for teaching as well and offers coaching for various bands and church bands in Hamptons, New York, as well as online.

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