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Hamptons 1-ON-1
Music Lessons & Services 

Learn to play the music you love

In English & Spanish For Children & Adults


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1-ON-1 In Person and Online Music Lessons

Learn to play an instrument with these beginner and intermediate 1-ON-1 lessons. If you don’t have an instrument yet, call now and you'll get a free orientation session where we will help you with the process of finding the best beginner instrument for you.

Student and Band Coaching

We can help you improve your performance and auditions results, regain the motivation, confidence, and joy in your career and life.

Music Services

We offer composition and music arrangement for artists and bands, concert and event production, as well as music direction for bands and worship teams. 

Unlock Your Musical Potential at Our Academy

Are you passionate about music and eager to learn a musical instrument, but feel you lack the talent or capability? Have you previously taken music lessons but stopped due to difficulties or a lack of motivation? Do you have children who need specialized support or have lost interest in their music studies? At our music academy, we believe everyone can master an instrument with the right guidance and support.

Join us to reignite your musical journey or inspire your child’s passion for music. Transform your musical dreams into reality today!

Piano Keyboard

Meet Willy: Your Expert Music Instructor


Hi, my name is Willy. With over 35 years of experience in teaching music, I specialize in helping beginners and those with little or no musical background. My comprehensive method is designed to improve your performance and audition results while making the learning process positive, fun, and inspiring. You'll feel more motivated, confident, and joyful as you develop your musical abilities.

My personalized approach is tailored to your musical level and interests, ensuring that we have a blast playing and creating music together. Join me on a musical journey that will transform your skills and ignite your passion for music.



What Students & Parents Say...


...Willy’s greatest accomplishment is that he has given my children a profound appreciation and love for music which truly is a gift for life...

Willy started teaching two of my children a few years ago. Initially, they were not very excited at the prospect of having to take music lessons. However, thanks to Willy’s method, his lovely mild-mannered, kind and patient ways, they learned very quickly and are enjoying playing their instruments these days. I am very proud, pleased and impressed by the skills Willy has taught them. Yet Willy’s greatest accomplishment is that he has given my children a profound appreciation and love for music which truly is a gift for life.

—  Sincerely, A Lauer

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Willy's Academy - Student Testimonial- Walter - Español)
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Learn how to play your favorite songs at your own pace

Increase your self-confidence by learning and performing the songs you love

Learn from experienced, patient, and caring teachers who make music learning fun!

Medical Technology

"The Benefits of Playing Music Help Your Brain More Than Any Other Activity"


Science has shown that musical training can change brain structure and function for the better. It can also improve long-term memory and lead to better brain development for those who start at a young age.

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Contact Willy

Willy's Academy | New York, United States  |  (631) 939-1059

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